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Are you running or managing a UK business looking for more exposure?

Wish to share your unique business story to spread the word about your enterprise with our target audience?

Get in touch with our editorial UK Business Listing team and we can help you!

What we can publish for your business

As a business listing website, we care about the best representation of your business online.

On our UK Business Listing blog every business is given the opportunity to share their success story. We welcome 100% original and unpublished content that


provides our readership with valuable information and insights about your company. You are welcome to share your published business story on your social media platforms, but you can’t have it republished anywhere else online.

Some of the essential parameters to be accepted as a business story or business-related article on our blogging portal are:

  • Content contains original concepts, general industry-specific tips, and compelling arguments
  • Content that is unique and meaningful to our readers
  • A single link to your website in the body of the content is allowed, also interlinking it with your UK Business Listing
  • The author bio of the writer with a short brief about your/your business background can be added
  • Useful graphics as well as high-quality images for enhancing the overall value of the content should be added
  • Each article/business story should contain a minimum of 500 words
  • All information, data, research quoted needs to be referenced.

Topics You Can Cover

Our UK Business Listing blog aims at covering all possible topics related to the field of business across the UK. Possible hot topics that your story or article might Articles-and-stories-about-businesses-in-the-UKcover include:

  • Original business idea and purpose
  • Business history and background
  • Business model and growth
  • Business strategies
  • Business finance
  • Business marketing
  • General or specifically unique business tips to your industry

What We Do NOT Accept?

  • Anything that has been published anywhere else
  • Anything that has been covered before and doesn’t allow new insights
  • Anything that is not relevant and does not contain valuable information
  • Anything that appears offensive, copied, or inaccurate
  • Anything that is not authentic

Contact our editorial team at the UK Business Listing Blog to share your business story ideas and suggestions. If your business story, guest article or press release is approved, it will go live within the following 72 hours.

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